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Pat O'Malley and Jack Hylton

this page first published 2 March 2013
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Pat O'Malley b.1901 d.1985 British dance band singer and Hollywood movie star.

My thanks to Robert Cross who has provided us with a very interesting set of photographs and newspaper clippings featuring Pat O'Malley and Jack Hylton's Band.

Notes from Robert Cross

Jack Hylton's band, 1930-31

front row: L-R Chappie D'Amato, Johnny Raitz, unknown, Jack Hylton, Poggy Pogson

behind Jack Hylton is Billy Ternent, and behind him is Billy Munn

behind Johnny Raitz is Pat O'Malley

some of the boys doing a comedy turn?

front row: L-R Jack Hylton, unknown, Pat O'Malley, unknown, Billy Munn

Robert Cross writes: "Watch the British Pathe newsreel film “On The Air - In The Air” (with Jack Hylton and his Band Dec 15th,1933) at britishpathe.com It was a Hylton publicity stunt where the band made a live broadcast “In the air” from a plane to “Show that vast strides have been made in short-wave communication:. The show was “Relayed to GPO loudspeakers in The Strand,” London. (Melody Maker 9th Dec 1933) This was prior to Hylton's first American tour.

Link to film “On The Air - In The Air”

In the film you will see the band waiting on the steps to board the plane. Sonny Farrar (banjo) at the top of the steps and Pat O’Malley (guitar) just below him. The whole band playing that “Swingy Little Thingy” song. Then they board the plane, still playing and Pat gives a nod to the camera. When on board there is another glimpse of Pat playing his tenor guitar.

For later American tours Jack Hylton seems to have got Pat to double up as vocalist/guitarist when he left Sonny Farrar in charge of the band in England.

Pat playing 4-string Gibson TGI tenor guitar, possibly during Hylton's US tour 1934

Irish tour, offices of the Irish Independent newspaper (source: Lancaster University)

Irish tour, probably rooftop of offices of the Irish Independent newspaper (source: Lancaster University)

Correction: it was Pat O'Malley who impersonated Crosby

American newspaper clippings (source: Lancaster University)

American newspaper clippings (source: Lancaster University)

American newspaper clipping (source: Lancaster University). The band that Jack left behind in England in 1936 under Sonny Farrar broke up before Jack returned to England. Newspaper cutting from the ‘New York City Metronome’ May 1936.

Pat and Madge in a Pathe film clip, before they were married

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