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this page first published by John Wright, 18 Sept 1997
last update 27 Oct

On this page I am listing other British films which have an MD or music writer associated with dance band music of the 78rpm era, which are not yet listed on my danceband and entertainers pages, because songs in soundtrack are not confirmed. I'd like to confirm if a band is heard AND seen in these films and what songs or music is played. Also the names of any singers, entertainers or instumentalists.

If you can fill in any of the gaps or if you know of websites or books dealing with old movies that might have useful information then please e-mail me.

Note: other films with a Dance Band MD are included in the Danceband films and Entertainers' films

Updates from Joyce Stone/Kenith Trodd book on Lew Stone

Listings for each MD or music writer :

||Harry Acres ||John Reynders ||Louis Levy ||Percival Mackey||
||Van Phillips ||Billy Mayerl ||Lew Stone||
||Carroll Gibbons ||Stanley Black||

1. Other films featuring Harry Acres, as MD or music writer:

Harry Acres
Lilac Domino 1937 .
Tenth man 1936 .
Yellow Stockings 1930 .

2. Other films featuring John Reynders, as MD or music writer:

John Reynders
Atlantic 1929 .
Blackmail 1929 .
Cape Forlorn 1930 .
Dance Pretty Lady 1929 .
Dreyfus 1931 .
Flame Of Love 1930 .
Flying Fool 1931 ..
Flying Scotsman 1930 .
Hate Ship 1929 .
High Seas 1930 .
Lady From The Sea 1930 .
Many Waters 1931 .
Murder 1933 .
Plaything, The 1929 .
Rich And Strange 1934 .
Two Worlds 1930 .
Under The Green Tree 1929 .
W Plan 1930 .
. . .

3. Other films featuring Louis Levy, as MD or music writer:

Louis Levy
Bank Holiday 1938 .
Climbing High 1938 .
Crooked Billet 1930 .
Faithful Heart 1931 .
First Offence 1936 .
A Girl Must Live 1939 Song: 'I'm A Savage'
Goodbye Mr Chips 1939 ..
The Great Barrier 1936 .
High Treason 1929 .
The Man Who Knew Too Much 1934 .
Michael and Mary 1931 .
No Lady 1931 .
Phantom Light 1935 .
Sabotage 1936 .
Secret Agent 1936 .
Seven Sinners 1936 .
Thirty-Nine Steps 1935 .
Twenty-One Days 1937 .
Young And Innocent 1938 .

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4. Other films featuring Percival Mackey, MD or music writer:

Percival Mackey
While Parents Sleep 1935 .

5. FOther films featuring Van Phillips, MD or music writer:

Van Phillips
For Valour 1936 .

6. Other films featuring Billy Mayerl, MD or music writer:

Billy Mayerl
. . .

7. Other films featuring Lew Stone, MD or music writer:

Lew Stone
Antoinette 1932 this may an error or alternative title for 'The Love Contract'
Broken Blossoms 1933 Emyln Williams
Discord 1933 Benita Hume, Owen Nares
Driven 1933 Guy Newall and Elizabeth Risdon
Flag Lieutenant 1931 Anna Neagle
Leap Year 1932 Roy Fox Band probably appears
The Live Wire 1947 Jean Gillie and Arthur Wontner
Money Means Nothing 1932 With Kay Hammond, John Loder
Plunder 1931 members of the Aldwych Farce Company
(Ralph Lynn, Robertson Hare etc)
Sorell & Son 1933 Margot Grahame, Winifred Shotter, Hugh Williams
Sorry You've Been Troubled 1932 .
Turn Of The Tide 1936 John GarrIck, Wilfrid Lawson
. . .

8. Other films featuring Carroll Gibbons, MD or music writer:

Carroll Gibbons
Trottie True . .
Wolves . conducted some of the music

9. Other films featuring Stanley Black, MD or music writer:

Stanley Black
Dual Alibi . .
Interrupted Journey . .
Monkey's Paw . .
Mrs Fitzherbert . .
The Small Voice . .

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Can you fill in any of the gaps or know any other American movies featuring Jazz or Dance Bands ?

Then please e-mail me.

Note: other films with a Dance Band MD are included in the Danceband films and Entertainers' films

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