Scanning labels of Al Bowlly records

this page first published by John Wright, 18 Jan 1998
last update 18 Jan

Al Bowlly recorded for many labels in Britain and recordings appeared on labels in North America. I have used several of these to illustrate the successes and difficulties with scanning labels. Some results are very good, others less so.
These images were created with a Dexxa scanner (in 1998). Often there was a problem that if the image is made too small the printed words become unreadable. For example the Edison Bell Radio label is from an 8" disc. If I made the image real size then the song title etc could not be read, so I've made it as large as the 10" records. The Columbia label was a particularly difficult label. Couldn't read the print in colour, so I scanned it in black&white, this meant getting the colour right was difficult and I still had to tamper with the printed words to make them readable, the result is far from satisfactory so will try again to improve that one. Similarly with the Rex label. In time I'll replace these with better images using the Visioneer scanner.
With some labels good results were obtained very easily, for example the Imperial, Victory and Broadcast labels.

Various labels of
Al Bowlly records

Ferrachinni's Hawaiian Band
Len Fillis group
Jan 1931
Savoy Hotel Orpheans
bandleader was
Carroll Gibbons
31 Oct 1931
Lew Stone's band
28 Nov 1938
Durium Dance Band
bandleader Lew Stone
1 Apr 1932
Duet with Les Allen
Radio Melody Boys
bandleader Harry Hudson
March 1931
Duet with Les Allen
Al Vocale & His Crooners
a Len Fillis group
24 Oct 1930

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