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Information for collectors of 78's

this page first published by John Wright, 1 Oct 2000
last update 24 June 2014vintage@r2ok.co.uk

Since developing this website in 1997 there has been demand for more information about 78's

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78rpm - beginner's page
Frequently Asked Questions
Vintage music clubs in UK, Europe, Asia
Vintage music clubs in USA, Canada
Links to other Internet sites for Vintage records, music, films etc
78rpm record fairs in UK and Europe
78rpm record fairs in USA, Canada
78rpm record shops in UK
78rpm record shops in USA, Canada
78rpm record shops in Europe continent
78rpm record magazines
78rpm record equipment and players sources
78rpm record dealers, buyers and auctions
78rpm record books
list of useful books on jazz, dancebands, ragtime, biographies etc
78rpm on the radio, UK and Europe
78rpm on the radio, USA and Canada
What are 78's worth?

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