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Harold Lyons, 1899-1990. British musician and entertainer 1920's-30's.

this page first published by John Wright, 10 December 2004
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John Wright: I am delighted to say that I have been contacted by Mark Lyons whose grandfather's brother was Harold Lyons, a member of Syd Roy's Lyricals dance band in the 1920's and he was also an entertainer into the 1930's.

A biography of Harold Lyons is in preparation. Meanwhile Mark has kindly submitted a huge gallery of photographs and memorabilia related to Harold Lyons' times with Syd Roy's Lyricals and as a member of the Crichton Boys - his stage name then was Hal Crichton.

Click these web page links to view the fantastic photographic history of Syd Roy's Lyricals, featuring Harold Lyons, Eddie Collis, Syd Roy and Harry Roy, and also and the Crichton Boys.

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Any further information on the career of Harold Lyons will be much appreciated. Please e-mail John Wright with any additions, corrections

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