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Jack Jackson, British trumpeter and dance band leader, 1906-1978

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Jack Jackson was born in Belvedere, Kent. Son of a brass band conductor, he was taught trumpet at the Royal Academy of Music. He first appears on dance band records in 1925 with Bert Ralton, and was soon in the studio with Ronnie Munro. His break came in 1927 when he joined Jack Hylton's outfit. Jack Jackson's trumpet is the highlight on many a Hylton HMV record, and he also sang on many records contributing scat vocals on some.

Look out for:
Bert Ralton and
his Havana Band
Columbia 3909Headin' For Louisville
What Did I Tell Ya?
Ronnie Munro &
his Orchestra
Parlophone E-5619Wanna Go Back Again Blues
Buy Bananas
Jack Hylton Orch
HMV B.5422Is She My Girlfriend?
Grieving For You
Jack Hylton OrchHMV B.5645Um-Tcha-Um-Tcha, Da Da Da - JJ scat vocal
Jack Hylton OrchHMV B.5741Turn On The Heat
If I Had A Talking Picture Of You

Jack Jackson

Listen to these short extracts of Jack Jackson from the recording of Grieving For You with Jack Hylton's Rhythmagicians, recorded Dec 15,1927, issued in UK on HMV B.5422.

When you listen to the whole record you immediately realise that the band have listened to Red Nichols / Miff Mole or Beiderbecke/ Trumbauer/ Venuti/ Lang; this is a rare occasion when the British musicians were allowed to record freely.

Jackson was involved in many hot recording sessions with the likes of Fred Elizalde and Spike Hughes, and then took up a place with Jack Payne and his BBC Dance Orchestra in 1931. Again Jackson features on many a hot recording and comedy number.

Look out for:
Fred Elizalde &
his Orchestra
Brunswick 120Clarinet Marmalade
Stomp Your Feet
Spike Hughes & his
Dance Orchestra
Decca F-1748A Ship Without A Sail
My Man Is On The Make
Jack Payne & his
BBC Dance Orch
Columbia CB-327Ain't That The Way It Goes?
Oh Glory!
Jack Payne &
his Band
Imperial 2677Hot Coffee
Back Again

Jackson HMV

By 1933 he had formed his own band playing at the fashionable Dorchester Hotel, from which he made regular radio broadcasts. His first own HMV records named him as John Jackson and his Orchestra, maybe HMV thought there were enough band leaders named Jack! Al Bowlly was the vocalist on the first four issues. Soon the full credit on the labels was Jack Jackson and his Orchestra, at the Dorchester Hotel, London. Jack is vocalist on many of his band's records and in Sept/Oct 1934 several recordings featured the American jazz/blues singer Alberta Hunter.

Look out for:
'John' Jackson &
his orchestra
HMV B.6322I'm Playing With Fire
Sittin' In The Dark
Jack Jackson &
his orchestra
HMV B.6402Make Those People Sway
Poor Old Flo
Jack Jackson &
his orchestra
HMV B.6542Stars Fell On Alabama
Long May We Love

You can hear several Jack Jackson recordings on my podcasts, check the playlists at http://www.r2ok.co.uk/playlists.htm

Jack Jackson began a new radio career in 1947 with 'Band Parade' and then his own 'disc-jockey' show 'Record Round-up' which started in 1948 and lasted 20 years.

You can join the very active discussion group and talk about Jack Jackson and other dance bands and jazz bands of the 1920s-1950s:

The Facebook group: Golden Age of British Dance Bands

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