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this page first published by John Wright, 15 May 2002
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Many thanks to Ed polic for information regarding the dates of Ray Noble performances which allowed me to update this page

In April 2002 I saw that an Al Bowlly autograph had appeared in Ebay Auctions and I successfully bid. I've carried out some research and am convinced the autograph is genuine.

The Ebay seller had described the item well and had scanned both sides of the card, but he made an error identifying the second autograph.
The Al Bowlly autograph is smoothly written in pencil on the blank part of the card, the other autograph is written over a small photo of Ina Ray Hutton. The seller assumed this signature was that of Miss Hutton but it is actually the signature of Ray Noble.

The card advertises upcoming events at the ballroom known as Nuttings On The Charles. A quick netsearch reveals that the ballroom was located at the town of Waltham, Massachusetts. From information I have had from Ed Polic the card dates from 1936. I would say this card was handed out to dancers at an Ina Ray Hutton performance, probably 27 April 1936 (a Friday). The owner of this card returned to the Nuttings on May 4th to see Ray Noble's Orchestra and during the intermission or backstage requested the autographs, maybe having found the card still in her handbag.

Visiting Waltham community websites I found out that the Nuttings On The Charles burned down in 1961 which is very sad.

The ballroom was host to many of the big bands including Jimmy Dorsey (1936) and Glenn Miller (1939). I expect Glenn Miller was also in the Noble band that appeared at Nuttings On The Charles on 4th May 1936.

The ballroom Nuttings On The Charles as it was

The site as it is today

The Al Bowlly autograph compares well with authenticated autograph which can be seen below. The Ray Noble autograph also compares well with example below.
(I don't own the originals!)

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