Henry Hall at Olympia, 1934

A colleague has realised he has a metal/lacquer recording of Henry Hall's BBC Dance Orchestra, and as it says Olympia 1934 on the label it would appear to be from a performance mentioned in Henry Hall's autobiography: on page 133 he says

'on my return from America.... almost immediately we visited Radiolympia again'.

That's all he says about it, and it would have been around August 1934.
The label says 'Olympia 1934 Memphis By Night' so they somehow got the song title wrong as the band performs Memphis By Morning. The disc is one of those centre-start records where you put the stylus on the groove near the label and it plays outwards..

The recording starts with an introductory medley played I expect as Henry Hall walks on stage or the curtains are opened, the applauding crowd sounds huge! I need some help to identify the tunes played in the medley.

Note: if you want to listen to these sound clips you will have to have 'signed-in' to Yahoo first

Please listen to the intro medley and let me know your opinion of the tunes. The latter part is certainly It's Just The Time For Dancing but the first part is unknown. The clip is over 1 minute, and Henry Hall speaks at the end.

Introductory Medley

The recording continues with Memphis By Morning. This is also the tune performed at the Palladium in May 1934. The only other recording known of this tune is a commercial issue by Brian Lawrance's band.

Here is a short clip from the Henry Hall lacquer, Memphis By Morning. The full version includes a great violin solo and a fine vocal trio led by Les Allen.

Please E-mail me or the British Dance bands Group if you have any ideas on the medley tune(s).

Note: The sound quality of the lacquer recording is better than the sound on these clips, they came to me as mp3 and converting to this web page has added a bit of hiss and reduced quality.

Sound clips from the Radiolympia 1934 lacquer disc by permission of Earl Okin.

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