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Teddy Brown, virtuoso xylophone player of the 1920's - 1940's

this page first published by John Wright, 4 Jan 2001
last update 2 Jan 2012vintage@r2ok.co.uk

I am very grateful to Steve Lederman and his 'Xylotopia' project for getting me interested in Teddy Brown, the world's greatest xylophone player.

Very brief career details:

Teddy Brown, drummer/xylophonist, worked and recorded with Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orchestra (1917-19) and performed on Broadway, New York city. Later Teddy was a member of Joseph C Smith's band at New York's Hotel Plaza (1919-24) and the Mount Royal Hotel, Montreal (1924-25). Teddy also often played saxophone. He came to England with Joseph C. Smith and his Orchestra in the autumn of 1925.


During 1926-1927 Teddy led a band at the Cafe de Paris in London, making several recordings for the Imperial and Vocalion record labels. From 1928 Teddy began to make solo xylophone records, mainly for the Broadcast and Imperial record labels, sometimes with band accompaniment. He led a band at Ciro's Club during 1929. Also during 1929-1930 some records by Percival Mackey's Band and Harry Bidgood's Band featured Teddy Brown on xylophone. Teddy's solo career included extensive touring of the UK and many radio appearances. He was a very popular artiste in the 1930's. Teddy died in Birmingham in 1946 after he had performed at the Wolverhampton Hippodrome.

I have not researched the career of Teddy Brown in any great detail but the circumstances of his death had been reported rather ambiguously in some publications so I was determined to clear up any confusion. I have reproduced several Teddy Brown Obituaries.

I am trying to list all of his recordings in Britain. I particularly need information on his solo recordings.

Discography of Teddy Brown:

Teddy Brown's own band

Teddy Brown with other bands

Teddy Brown solo recordings

Teddy Brown in Littlehampton

See also,

More photos of Teddy Brown

Xylotopia - which is Steve Lederman's website devoted to the great Xylophone players and other mallet men and percussionists.

thanks go to Steve for the photos of Teddy on this page, I'm on the lookout for better photos :)

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