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'Tiny' Stock

this page first published by John Wright, 15 April 2008
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I was delighted to be contacted by Jan Bedford who wrote "My Grandfather Harry 'Tiny' Walter Richard Stock was a six-foot-4 double bass player with the big bands of the 1930s.  My information is very scant as he died 16th November 1935, four years after my mother June was born.  He was married to Mary Elizabeth Seagar who was a dancer. He was born in 1901 in Watford, and he did play music in the army".

John Wright writes: 'Tiny Stock' is listed as playing with several dance bands from the late 1920s to the mid-1930s, notably with bands led by Fred Elizalde, Ray Noble, Maurice Winnick and Jack Jackson.

As Tiny passed away in 1935 then some ammendment is required to reference books which suggest he was still playing in Jack Jackson's band in 1936.

Jan has kindly submitted these three photographs of Tiny Stock. The first one may be from the early 1920s, the second late 1920s, and the third 1930s.

'Tiny' Stock recording sessions

Timeline reference: British Dance Bands On Record (Rust-Forbes)

1928-1929many records with the HMV house band New May Fair Dance Orchestra, and the band used to accompany many entertainers who recorded with HMV at that time
1928-1929several records made by Fred Elizalde's band. Tiny may also have performed at the Savoy Hotel at this time
1929some records with Percival Mackey and his band
1929-1931many records with the Decca house bands, working with Arthur Lally and Philp Lewis (Tiny replaced Spike Hughes on some records)
1932-1933member of Maurice Winnick Band while at the Carlton Hotel, many recordings
1933- late 1935member of Jack Jackson's band at the Dorchester Hotel, many recordings

The photo below of the Elizalde band in 1928. 'Tiny' Stock is back row third from left. The photo features several other important personalities. Norman Payne is back row second from left, the man with the glasses third from right is Ben Frankel, also in the back row Al Bowlly is fourth from left, Adrian Rollini is second from the right and Fred Elizalde is standing in the front row.

Retrieval have issued a CD of Fred Elizalde's Anglo American Band. Featuring 22 tracks, you can obtain this CD at Amazon - Fred Elizalde Retreival CD

Any further information on the careers of Tiny Stock will be much appreciated. Please e-mail John Wright with any additions, corrections

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