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this page first published by John Wright, 7 Dec 1997
last update 24 May 2012vintage@r2ok.co.uk

This website is set up as an information source for 78 record collectors and also aims to attract new collectors of 78's. New collectors are always keen to know how much their records are worth, and often I am asked by non-collectors the value of a box of records they have found or inherited.
So, before you e-mail me asking about values please read my opinions of record values. Your 78's are only worth what someone is willing to pay. It's not as easy to put a firm value on records like it is with, say, a porcelain plate, and it's not as easy to find the collector who wants your records. There are many collectors of many types of 78rpm records. I might say some records are not worth much, or that I don't know, but there might be someone out there looking for just the records that you have.
Records usually have to be in good condition to be worth anything - a pile of battered records not in sleeves is likely to be worth very little whereas a well kept collection of shiny black shellac in sleeves is going to be worth more.

Below are links to my short guides to record values. The values assume the condition of the records is more than very good :
E- plays well, very little surface wear with only light scratches from pulling in and out of sleeve, no needle digs/clicks, no cracks or edge chips
- records in this condition are usually termed E- by dealers meaning 'excellent minus'. For condition less than described here you can reduce the values by half or more.
If asked to make a valuation the first question I ask is 'What record label?'

  1. British :

  2. American *
* Note: I lived in US for a time but am not an great expert on all the US labels and current values. Tim Gracyk is an American expert and you can gain valuable information at:

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